Adnan Menderes Memorial

So here is my visit Turgut Ozal and Andan Menderes' mausoleum, which I previously mistook for many years to solely being the tomb of Adnan Menderes. Thankfully they are within walking distance of eachother. Ozal was quite inspired by Menderes' life, having been in military service at the time of his execution I can only assume this was the event which politicised him and encouraged him to build a memorial during his premiereship in the 80s. Although humbler and smaller in size than Ozal's own memorial, there were notably quite a few visitors during the half hour I was there. Many people stopped to pray Fatiha at his grave from all generations - some people were bringing their children along too. The memries of '61 clearly still move people.

Those bitter feeling towards the military and the Kemalist state could not have been demonstrated more evidently than last night when the AKP won a record third term in office. They seem to have lost a minor number of seats but gained new representatives in traditionally statist strongholds such as Canakkale and Antalya. The results came in last night at around AKP 50%. CHP 26%. MHP 13%. So my estimates for the Justice and Development were a little coy, but I was bang on the money with CHP. It would take a disaster on the AKP's part for them to get any more than 25% however. MHP ended up taking only one county - Igdir, a rural Turanist heep on the border of Azerbaijan.

Personally, having taken a test on Al Jazeera's website the result transpired that I should vote DSP, the "democratic left". They didn't get very far, but anything can happen in the next four years.

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