My Obsessions Are Becoming Manifest...

It was a lonely Valentine's Day last year in Izmir, but I made it through all with the aid of a tub of ice-cream, a blanket, a bottle of something Turkish and the movie Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim (The Girl With The Red Scarf).

The 1978 romance classic stars macho (and indicatively moustachio'd) Kadir Inanir, along with raven-haired Yesil Cam bombshell Turkan Shoray (pictured below). This is the first Turkish movie I bought with the intention of watching all the way through despite not understanding a vast amount of the plot. So it will be nice to watch it tonight that I might get a lot more of the storyline - The main thing I want to clear up being this:

Exactly why is it that Inanir, having married his lover-at-(understandly)-first-sight Shoray and had a child with her, slaps her in a car park for no apparent reason? Whatever the reason, which could be something to do with Inanir's bimbo secretary, this sends Shoray on a physically and mentally challenging life path, but one that ultimately leads her to discover the meaning of love and find freedom from the eternal prison that is the regret of a lost love. I'm still not sure if he should have slapped her, but at least I will know why, hopefully.

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