Gülenist-AKP Break-up Recieves the Social Media Treatment

This last year has definitely been a coup for the art of satire in Turkey. The Gezi protests, with the help of facebook and twitter, meant anyone could create a witty, slanderous critique to spread around the country within minutes. 

The following photoshops/comic captions have gone viral on buzzfeed rip-off (so much that you'd think someone might notice) www.haberself.com. They are ordered parallel to the day-by-day events which took place in the initial days of the Gezi protests, but posit what may happen if such a tactic is initiated by theologian and media moghul Fethullah Gülen's supporters. 

The Gülenists have, for time immemor,al, been seen as the integral make-up of the AKP government, if not the bulk of its support. However, since PM Tayyip Erdoğan declared their business backbone, the private cram-school, to be outlawed along with every other cram-school in the country, a media war has broken out and the split could be irrevocable. Gülenists ratcheted up the highest-shared tweets on Earth with anti-government comments, their TV stations have given whole hours to reports exposing how at a loss children will be without their course-centres - some of which represent the only such centres in a whole district. 

With that in mind, the spirit of protest is neigh, and from the least suspected group. For the Gezi crowd, this has been an interesting twist in the story of the beginning of the end of the AKP.

Would-be news stories in the event the Gülenists take Gezi!

1) Police are seen putting alcohol in their water cannon vehicles in order to scare away protestors. This summer the tanks were actually loaded with acid to burn protestors.


2) Protestors leave notices out side their 
encampment  for items needed from donors. Items include prayer mats, tasbihs, kufis, rose water and tea

3) Protesters begin chanting "We haven't performed wudu for three whole days, send us a police tank!" The Gezi protesters would shout similar slogans, mostly a simple 'Come on and spray us'

4) Renegade courses begin in the Gezi tents. This is both a joke about the fact that the cram-school closures are what started the backlash and the fact that during Gezi, voluntary libraries and yoga classes were taught

 5) The legendary 'Standing [for prayer] Man'. The actual protests were capped off by a dingle man, standing for several hours in stillness until he was taken away by police. Impromptu standing protests broke out all over the country.

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