Totally About Me

My name is Liam Murray. I studied History and International Relations at Keele University with one semester at METU in Ankara. I have lived and worked in Adiyaman, Izmir and have spent short spells working or travelling elsewhere. For the last two years however, I have been living in Istanbul reporting on the blogosphere

I started this blog as a means of recording my observations, as having got comfortable here, I now feel a bit less paranoyed about writing uninformed drivel, although this is still may occur from time to time. I don't want to forget the little things that I discover on a day-to-day basis through experience, observation, reading and/or reflection. My main areas of interest are matters of education, social-relations, ideology and historiography in Turkey. That and reggae music. Anything that takes my interest will be mentioned here on the blog though.

I can be reached on if you have any questions, complaints or comments, alternatively add a comment below. Thanks for visiting.


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